100-6 on the road again

After a long time dormant the 1957 100-6 is running and roadworthy. One of the main issues in finishing the mechanics, was to bleed the brake system. Unfortunately, on the early Longbridge 100-6 cars they used a cheapened Girling Master Cylinder with a thimble sized reservoir. Unlike the 100, or the later 3000, which used a separate canister holding about a pint of fluid, this unit had an integrated reservoir (seen on the right next to front air cleaner) which by the time you bled one wheel you were out of reserve fluid and sucked air into the system. It became a vicious cycle of bleed, refill, bleed, bubbles and never got a hard pedal. Since then we have obtained a stock 100 brake canister (single line) and a brake fluid supply line from a 3000 and its dual inlet/outlet 3/4″ master cylinder. This should solve the soft pedal, air in the system issue.