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Thoughts and trivia about the Jensen GT.

The Jensen Healey was a fine sports car that got no respect in its day. Today they are gaining back that respect as folks have recognized their quality and performance over other similar marques. Toward the improvement of the breed, Jensen upgraded the Healey convertible…enter the GT…sports car with a hardtop!

After the demise of the Jensen factory in 1976, the company had only produced just 510 examples of the refined Jensen-Healey, in a coupe version (titled a shooting brake in UK). Just over 10,000 Jensen-Healeys were made, but this line of GTs was the best of the lot. Fine appointments to finish detail, upgraded interior, air conditioning, power windows and convenient hatch with fold down seat area, made this car the perfect combination of sports car and utility vehicle in one. Fitted with the original snappy Lotus 907-4cyl.,16 valve unit, and 5 speed Getrag transmission, as found in the BMW, Lotus & Jensen-Healey cars. A true British touring GT with style and finish known to Jensen Motors-manufacturers of the bodies for Austin-Healey, Sunbeam Tiger, Volvo P-1800, Jag XKE, and their own Jensen Interceptor.

1976 Jensen GT # 30394

Car 30394 has solid body
Jensen GT #30394

Recent Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car Magazine (August 2014 #108-$4.95) has an in-depth article on one such example of the original 500+ cars. It will give you some insight into what the potential is of this forgotten Marque .


1976 Jensen GT # 30445 – Now resides in Denmark.

1976 Jensen GT # 30445
1976 Jensen GT #30445


1976 Jensen GT #30270

1976 Jensen GT #303271
1976 Jensen GT #30327