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  • The perils of painting a Bolt Head

    This is possibly the most work you could do when deciding to paint the valve cover fixing bolts. When last reviewed, I mentioned some changes to my A-H100 to make it more concours acceptable. Upon examining the engine bay, the two fixings that hold the valve cover in place were painted dk. blue engine color, […]

  • Laycock Overdrive

    Its been 7 months since we had a tech session (which covered Laycock De Normanville overdrives). Then we had word of a pandemic, then fires, smoke, political unrest…such is 2020.  So now, the completion of the tech session.It took all this time to locate missing or perished parts, and replace wrongly used UNF hardware with […]

  • Jensen GT Information

    Thoughts and trivia about the Jensen GT. The Jensen Healey was a fine sports car that got no respect in its day. Today they are gaining back that respect as folks have recognized their quality and performance over other similar marques. Toward the improvement of the breed, Jensen upgraded the Healey convertible…enter the GT…sports car […]

  • Rusty Brakes

    Here are your Moss Classic brake shoes and kits going on a 1957 100-6 that really needed them. Extremely rusty! I had to torch heat the cylinders and pipe fittings, then quench them in water, to free up the parts. This car has been sitting in the elements of Oregon since 1999, Moved around on […]